Crimes Against My Brother_Richards

“Crimes Against My Brother is a tragedy in the classic sense. I watched helplessly as characters I was fond of authored their own demise, sometimes deliberately, sometimes with the best of intentions, but in almost all cases avoidably. That’s how the best tragedies work — you know what’s coming, but you just can’t look away, and you can’t help wonder what you’d do in the same situation. Catharsis is the word some people would use to describe this feeling, although it’s not a word that would ever be used by the likes of Evan Young or Ian Preston or Harold Dew. Finally, the question of God — and a meddling, vengeful one at that — in Crimes Against My Brother is never specifically answered. This is good. This is in fact vital, since we must be left wondering how much is divine retribution and how much is the cause and effect of human actions. If there is a moral of the story, then, that unanswered question is where it hides, and David Adams Richards has again proven his mastery by leaving it to us to answer.”
National Post (National Post interview)

“[A] multi-layerd tale, rife with tragedy and betrayal… Richards’ characters seem as genuine as the hardships he puts them through and amid all the gloom, there is an underlying message of hope.”
The London Free Press

“[A] subtle investigation into humanity’s almost infinite capacity for self-deception… No conscience is left untested, but Richards also bestows tenderness and compassion on the troubled blood brothers. It makes for compelling reading.”
Quill & Quire

“Crimes Against My Brother is grandly ambitious and beautifully written. While unrelenting in its gravitas, the novel offers an astute, compelling and compassionate exploration of the human spirit.”
Toronto Star

“Coming upon some of [Richards’] passages is like catching glimpses of the Pole star; there is a life in them that we know is instructive … Even in some of Richards’s darkest statements one discerns someone willing to voice our worst suspicions, rather than win us over with false sparkle … This same quality allows Richards to elicit empathy for very minor characters in a couple of hard sentences … We see in them some irreducible, unrecognized element in our own selves … Richards’s work is powerful because it issues a call to spiritual brotherhood.”

“The latest is a masterpiece but so were all the rest of this writer’s many books.”
Owen Sound Sun Times