“His far-ranging research provides a wealth of thought-provoking statistics and details, and The End of Absence has a kinetic energy well-matched to our jumpy attention spans.”
The Washington Post

“Chances are, you’ll recognize yourself in Harris’ writing and note that you, too, enjoyed a life without so much static. Toward the end of his concise work, he takes a monthlong sabbatical leave from the Internet and his cellphone and all their related trappings. He gains no epiphany, though, and offers no sweeping advice for readers. It is, he acknowledges, more meditation than prescription, but it is an illuminating, worthy reckoning of our disjointed, digital life.”
ABC News

The End of Absence works because it does not preach. It combines the wealth of the author’s research and traces our rapid path from analog days to today. It is also an enlightening and humorous study of ‘author as subject’. [It] provides an engaging personal story and a serious look at both the past and the future.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“…thoughtful, researched musings on our connected lives… Harris walks us through his particular muddle with wit, wry honesty, and compassion.”
Christian Science Monitor

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