Happy publication week to Michael Harris, whose book THE END OF ABSENCE was just released in Canada (HarperCollins) and the US (Current/Penguin).

The End of Absence_Harris

“Harris is a smooth writer and a smart critic about what we’ve lost in today’s technology.”

“Harris’ Analog August and my quantifying of a recent summer Saturday serve the same purpose. They call attention to what is otherwise automatic and remind us not to get lost in the digital noise.”

“Rather than just scold and lecture on the depersonalization of society, Harris adeptly shows that the mission should be to balance our dependency on technology with the innate need for silence and solitude. The End Of Absence is note-worthy for its original and imaginative approach to correcting the inevitable negative ramifications that shadow a computerized culture.”
Electric Wire

“Mr. Harris marshals impressive evidence to make the case that absence is crucial to the way our brains learn, develop and progress.”
The Book Reader on NY1

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