Bull Head_Vigna

John Vigna’s short story collection, Bull Head, published this month by Arsenal Pulp Press, is receiving rave reviews across the board! Here’s what some reviewers are saying:

“His characters have messy, squalid lives, but his prose is luminous and precise, infused with a kind of merciless compassion, paradoxically beautiful in its depiction of the ugliness of poverty and the confusions of broken masculinity. Imagine a blend of Vancouver genius Billie Livingston’s urban grit with Alberta’s Mark Anthony Jarman’s detailed portrayal of men in and making trouble. Go out and get a copy of this impressive debut and discover John Vigna’s world of scars, bottles, heart break and occasional tenderness. These are stories that will haunt the reader and open up mountain vistas to new insights into the human condition.”
Vancouver Sun

“Vigna showcases an aptly spare style and an impressive willingness to explore the fraught relationships of guys deeply flummoxed, or else defeated, by the wintery meanness of getting by in the valley… The outstanding strengths of Bull Head relate to Vigna’s style and voice.”
The Globe and Mail

“[A]t no point does Vigna condescend to his characters: These men may yearn for something beyond themselves, but they are all possessed of dignity and at least some measure of self-respect. This, more than anything, elevates these stories and lends them an aspect of striking melancholy.”
National Post

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