The Dead Are More Visible_Heighton

Steven Heighton’s new volume of short stories, The Dead Are More Visible, published last month by Knopf Canada, is receiving stellar reviews:

“The best stories in this book . . . are as good as the fiction of Alice Munro and Mavis Gallant. Or, to be more blunt, Heighton is as good a writer as Canada has ever produced… It is a testament to his authorial gifts that he not only can write about sex with exquisite delicacy, but that many of the best passages in his stories are about intimacy in the broadest sense . . . At its best, [his] vivid and precise prose manages to achieve the same miracle of incarnate expressiveness found in Joyce and Nabokov, masters whose words are so intensely textured and specific that we feel them pulsing through our body . . . The best stories in this book do what only great art can do: make us more fiercely alive.”
National Post

“Work of this quality is a real achievement, even if the technique, as it should be, is often invisible.”
Toronto Star

“Heighton has returned to the short story with a collection as powerful as the much earlier linked stories of Flight Paths of the Emperor… A delight… Funny, scary, sad… He can write smart stories without seeming literary, while unafraid of tough stories about very unliterary people… [His] talent might be called a knack, but it could also be called genius.”
Globe & Mail

“A wonderfully engaging read . . .[His] characters . . . are appealingly human and compassionately constructed.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Heighton is indisputably one of Canada’s most important literary talents.”
Kingston Whig-Standard